Monday, July 20, 2009

The Water Table

We played with one of the babies' new toys last night for the first time. The pictures were so cute, I had to post them right away. Enjoy! (Thanks for the table, Liany!)

They loved to splash. I ended up soaked! You can see from my expression that water is going everywhere!
Billy liked the crazy faces Abby and I were making in this picture.

Look at Marie's face. She looks excited and angry all at the same time.

The water was quite cold until I asked Billy to go inside and fill up a cup with warm water so that the kids wouldn't get the shivers each time they splashed.

Look how happy Will looks. Hilarious!

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kmehawkeye said...

OH HOW CUTE! we have the same table...LOVE IT! I can't believe they are getting so big :-)