Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1/2 Monkey 1/2 Baby

Our kids have started the crazy climbing stage. Is that a stage? I don't know, but I've heard other people talk about when their kids started climbing, and it's now our turn.

Will has to be the worst (or best, depending on how you look at it) at climbing. He can scale the changing table in seconds. He'll get up to the top, and hang off the edge to turn the light switch on and off. Of course, the girls see them, and they also want to climb up to the top. The changing table was probably not designed to have 3 toddlers climbing it simultaneously. We are just waiting for a disaster. I think we'll probably move it out of the room or secure it to the wall.

I'm afraid that the next thing that will happen will be jumping out of cribs. I'm terrified to hear their little footsteps upstairs as we eat dinner downstairs one evening.

They really are beginning to understand that as a team, they can cause a lot more trouble than apart. A few weeks ago, they all shook one of our gates so hard, they ripped it off the hinges. Of course, they thought that was an amazing feat.

Here they are sitting on the couch like big girls and boy.
Our rock climbing wall/changing table. Are we bad parents for taking picture of this instead of removing them from the table? Hmmm.

They are still all amazed by their belly buttons, or "bee-bees," as they like to call them.

These little shopping carts are their latest "push toy," but they seem to think they are strollers.

On a rainy day, nothing beats the bounce house blown up in the play room.

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