Sunday, January 10, 2010

Marie is on the mend

Miss Marie is recovering well from her illness. She's still coughing some, but it's not the tight, constant cough from late last week. She's happy and playful and sweet, and I couldn't be happier. We are trying to break her of the one bad habit she picked up during this illness--sleeping in our bed.

I wanted to keep her close to monitor her breathing. Therefore, I had been putting her to sleep with us. I guess she figured our room was her new sleeping spot because whenever I tried to put her in her room, she cried bloody murder. The second I would cross the threshold to our bedroom, she would get quiet and put her thumb in her mouth.

We sent her off to Papa's house last night to see if we could break the routine, and I think it worked. She is now soundly sleeping in her room, but not in her crib. Her and Will have gotten into crib swapping for some reason. They always want to be in the other baby's crib, and it's fine by me, as long as they go to sleep and stay down.

Abby and Will now have horrendous diaper rash from the terrible diarrhea they picked up as a result of the antibiotics they were on. Abby's is so bad, it's bloody in some places. Nasty. I hate changing their diapers because they get so sad.

Last night, Abby started crying around 11, and when Billy went to check on her, he discovered horrendous poopies. Funny side story, when I ask them if they have "cacas" (poops), they point to their diapers and say, "puppies." That's their word for poopies.

Anyway, Billy changed Abby, and she was so upset, she needed a bottle and our bed to calm down. As soon as we got her settled down, Will started crying, and Billy went to see what was going on with him. Puppies! Yes, he also had a huge load in his pants, and his little nuts were just raw from the diaper rash. Poor little man.

We stopped the antibiotics today, and we've been loading them up with anti fungal butt cream, as well as probiotics in their yogurt. I don't know how long it will take for their hineys to recover. So sad.

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Susan Anfin Doyle said...

Hi Leslie- We use florajen for the diareaha. Works great. Hope the nuggets feel better.

Susan, Jim Pat-Pat and Mary Crandall