Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold/Flu Season....Here We Go Again

I guess it's that time of the year when I start blogging about the various illnesses that are taking over our household. How exciting!

Last weekend, Will and Abby were in super pitiful shape. They had congestion, coughing, fevers, etc. When they started having trouble breathing, we were off to the e.r. Will had an ear infection, and Abby had two! They both had really red, irritated throats as well. The doctor said they had flu-like symptoms but didn't test for anything.

Poor little Willers. Isn't he cute in his little hospital kimono thingy?
Abbers was in misery.

Marie was are only well child, and she was sent off to party like a singleton all weekend to avoid the germs and clinginess of the other two. She hit Marmie's house two nights in a row and spent all day Sunday at my dad's. She was loving all the "only baby" attention she was getting. However, her condition soon turned ugly.
She went to the doctor's office today and was diagnosed with RSV. That's probably what all of them had, but the doctor didn't test in the e.r. Marie can barely take a breath between all of her coughing. She's just so sad, and it makes me sad to just look at her. We are having to closely monitor her because if the medications they sent don't work their magic, she may end up with pneumonia. My poor Tiny. I spared her the humiliation of taking a picture of her in her current shape. I'll keep you posted on her recovery.

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