Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

After the snow died down, we had ourselves an exciting weekend! Marmie graciously volunteered to take on the girls as her Valentine's dates. Pop-Pop came to her rescue. Good thing he was around because they had an eventful evening. Marie took off her pajamas and peed all over herself before bedtime, and both the girls woke up at 3 a.m. and cried until Marmie and Pop-Pop took them away for cuddle time. They are so demanding, and they know which suckers will fall for their tricks!

We stopped by her house to drop them off, and she had bought some bows for Abby and Marie. Well, what the girls have, Will must also have.

Here he is sporting a bow. It's brown, of course, so it's more manly. Daddy wasn't happy about this look.
Marmie has a lego table, and the girls sat down to play nicely. That was short-lived.
The girls really like wearing adult shoes, or "choos," as they call them. Can you see Marie watching Abby intently? She's planning how she will knock her down and steal the choos for herself.
Here are the girls enjoying a meal at Marmie's. Will enjoyed dinner at Outback with mommy and daddy. He was our special Valentine! Speaking of Valentine's Day, the kids Valentines, aka Marmie and Pop-Pop, showered them with love and presents! Marmie got them each a new "na-na" pillow. At night, they refer to their entire night-time routine as "na-na." They want to drink their bottles, which they call "na-nas," and then, they want to go to sleep to go "night-night," which they also call "na-na." When we get their bottles (yes, I'm a terrible mother and continue to refuse to wean them), we tell them to get their "na-na" pillows, and they each retrieve a throw pillow of their choice from the stack that they have in the play room. Well, Marmie got them some fancy, soft, new ones that they promptly fell in love with! Pop-pop provided some new pajamas in size 24 months! We are getting big! Will's have dinosaurs, and he got another pair with zoo animals. Very cute!

Marie's say "I heart hot chocolate" on hers. She got another pair with ballerinas!

Abby's say "I love my mommy." These are very appropriate for her, as she's going through a mommy stage. Her other ones have flowers all over them.
Thanks, Marmie and Pop-pop!

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