Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day!

On Friday, it snowed in Atlanta! Here are the girls (including Winnie) staring out the window at it. They weren't sure what to make of it. They kept signing "rain," and when Michele tried to explain that it was snow, they kept saying, "NO!"

My office closed early so I came home and took them out to experience the "no." It was really coming down.
Will was trying to catch snowflakes.

Marie was just happy running around looking at everything.
Abby just kept trying to run away. She thinks it's funny to run out into the street or around to the back yard. She didn't care much about the snow falling around her. If it gave her an excuse to get out, she was thrilled.

Here is our house covered in snow. We got quite a bit. Billy even went sledding with some neighbors on Saturday morning. I wish I had a picture of that, especially since Winnie chased him all the way down the hill and almost dragged down our neighbor who kindly volunteered to hold on to her while he took his turn on the sled. The poor woman didn't stand a chance against our beast!

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