Friday, February 5, 2010

Triplets-Positive Career Move?

I figured that having three babies would probably slow down my career significantly. Before I had them, I worked a, night, weekends, etc. However, I knew that with 3 little people in the house, my attention would be directed elsewhere when I was at home. Although it's true that I don't work as hard as I once did, I am a more efficient worker. I am focused when I work, and when I'm home, I'm totally present for the kids. I do log in to my work e-mail at night and get a few things done on the weekends, but it revolves around when I'm not busy with the kids. The time I spend with them is theirs.

I have found that having them also gives me a lot of cred at work and in other professional activities. I might show up late for something or ask a stupid question, but all is forgiven because I have triplets. People say things like, "I'm just impressed you are here" or "I can't believe you have a job and triplets." I'm like instantly amazing! It's awesome!

It's also something that everyone remembers about me. I'm the "lady with triplets." When I have given professional presentations at conferences since having the kids, I'm often introduced by someone who reads about my career achievements, my educational background, my volunteer activities, etc. The personal bit they always add is the part about me having triplets. The groups I have spoken to are always most impressed by that little tidbit. Is there a section on my resume where I can add that?

Marmie set up their little play bricks like chairs for them, and they sat around and listened to music for a while.
Will looks like he's wearing a baby toupee in this picture. Look at those rosy cheeks!

Here is Marie's little shiner. My poor, sweet girl. It's much better now, but it was bad for a few days.

I went shopping for babies and found 3! It was a 3 for 1 sale.

Abby leaning over to get a closer look at Winnie. Winnie is getting a closer look at Abby because she's looking for some food particles

Will all wrapped up after a bath at Marmie's house.

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