Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Movie Time!

Here are 3 great new movies featuring the Zeigler 3!

This action-packed adventure features the kids riding in the back seat with the windows down. They love it! When we would have to stop at a light or slow down, the would all scream, "mas, mas!" (more, more)

At the beginning of this one, Abby shows how much she loves Winnie. Listen to her say, "DAWG." How did she get a southern accent? Then, she sees Marie talking on the phone, and Marie goes to the toy box to try to find Abby a phone of her own. Watch Marie as she "talks" to the end of the conversation she says, "Bye-bye," and kisses the phone ("muh"), and shuts the flip phone. Funny.

This one is them demonstrating their dance moves, which really only consist of spinning around with their heads tilted to the side. Sometimes they do a little squat thing too, and stick out their butts.

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