Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jury duty

So, I am currently waiting around to possibly get called to serve on a jury. Seems like a good time to post a few pics.

Abby has an ET neck here.

Marie is really into accessories.

Will is a super cool dude. These pictures were on the way to a first bday party for twins we know. They had a great time partying!!

Abby and Marie spent Friday night marmie's doing girlie stuff, like hugging. Will was our one and only to enjoy for the evening, and we took him out for Mexican with friends for another bday and Italian ice. He had lots of fun being spoiled, but he did ask for Abby-g and Marie a lot. So funny how they know when a part of their pack missing.

We had a shower for Alice, and the girls joined me to celebrate. Will and Billy had boy time. Alice's baby will be arriving august 9th!!! So exciting.

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