Monday, December 27, 2010

Cookie Decorating

We went to a cookie decorating party with the kids a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was really funny and a huge mess! These were the final products. They looked pretty good in the end.

Here we are hard at work on the cookies. Marie is reaching in the cup that has M&Ms in it for decorating. However, she just preferred to eat the M&Ms. Abby was being helped by the professional help, and she was totally into it for a while. She was pausing to take a juice break. All that decorating made her thirsty!

After eating M&Ms, Marie proceeded to squirt large amounts of frosting straight into her mouth. Billy said she looked like a Christmas hooker here. All those M&Ms and frosting squirts gave her a serious case of the squirts that night. Lucky for us, she was at Pop-pop's house. Sorry about that, grandpa. :)

Will basically poured sprinkled back and forth out of cups the whole time. That was serious entertainment for him. Then, he started chasing around girls at the party and flirting. He wasn't interested in the cookies.

Here's Abby helping herself to the frosting.

Oh yeah, they wore these aprons to keep them clean. Maybe a face mask and haz-mat suit would have been more appropriate!

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