Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So Many Family Photos

We've been getting our picture taken all over the place in the past couple of months.

First, we did another photo shoot with Billy's friend, T.J. He did an amazing job with everyone, and we were thrilled with the pictures. These were taken in the Roswell Square.

There were lots of great pictures, and some of the best we saved for our Christmas card. You'll see those in a mailbox near you! We didn't want to spoil the surprise here.

We also had breakfast with Santa in the neighborhood. Abby was so excited to see Santa. She kept waving at him, and saying, "Hi, Santa!" Marie, on the other hand, not at all happy to see the big guy. She wanted me to tell him what she wanted, which was, "Um, choo-choo train rosado." (A pink choo-choo train). Interesting. We were able to convince her to get somewhat close, but she doesn't look happy about it.

Look at how Will and Abby are staring at Santa. They are signing "more" with their hands.

All 3 with Santa--it's a Christmas miracle that nobody is crying, and 2 of them are actually looking at the camera. This is FB profile worthy.

I love the little outfits I got them through Etsy! How cute are they?
Here we all are with Santa. All I want for Christmas is a few good nights of sleep. Is that too much to ask?
We also had a family photo shoot this month. Maureen wanted a picture of the entire family for their Christmas card. Holy cow, that was a lot of us. It was my dad, Maureen, the 4 girls in my family, plus their husbands and a total of 9 kids, the 4 girls on Maureen's side, plus their husbands, and a total of 13 kids. Okay, that's 18 adults and 22 children! They are going to need a very big Christmas card!

Mems' company had their annual holiday shindig, and we were invited to that. The kids were quite a hit there. Will got lots of compliments on his vest, tie, and cap. Look how happy Abby is to see Santa again.

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