Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crazy Talk

My children are incredibly into talking about being crazy or loco. My nanny told me that the other day, she was in the bathroom, and the kids busted in on her and kept trying to get in her lap. She explained that the bathroom was private time, and they couldn't just come running in when she was in there. She said Will and Marie just ran off to play, but Abby looked at her, started backing out of the bathroom, and shouted, "Goodbye, CRAZY." I guess she thought it was crazy that anyone would have private time. I always let them in when I'm in the potty so they must figure that's totally cool.

A few weeks ago, I was putting Will to bed, and Abby kept running in his room. Will kept telling her to leave, and she would just come back. Finally, Will turned to me and said, "Abby es loca." I asked it back, "Si? Abby se esta portando como una loca?" (Yes? Abby is acting like a crazy person?), and he said, "Yeah mama, Abby is crazy." I guess he thought I might need a translation since I was repeating it back in question form. Too funny.

The other day, we were in the car, and there was someone out walking, and Marie said, "Hola crazy lady."

What's with the crazies? I must say it and/or Michele (our nanny) must use the phrase because it's definitely a fave around our house these days.

They just have so many funny things they say now. I'm always cracking up. Will is probably the biggest talker. He's constantly saying something. Lately, he's been obsessed with talking about the time that Mimi fell down at our house. We had a broken chair in the dining room, and she was sitting in it while they had dinner. The thing collapsed, and she fell. The kids were amazed by the whole thing. Then, a couple of nights later, it happened to Bill. Needless to say, that chair went out with the trash this week. Will keeps saying, "Mimi fall down. Silla mala (bad chair)" or "Pop pop Beel fall down. Boo-boo head."

It's also funny how they haven't figured out "you" versus "me." Marie will run up to me and say, "Mama carry you please." They all say, "Mama help you please" when they need my assistance. I guess that milestone comes later.

Last night, after I had put Abby in bed, I heard her scream, "Help mama. I stuck." Maybe she's starting to get it. When I got up to her room, I discovered that she had wrapped her hair around her little finger. She twirls her hair to go to sleep at night, but this time, it was too much twirling. I almost had to cut the hair or amputate the finger--big decision to make. I mean, it's hard to recover from a bad haircut when you are a chick. She's got a bunch of other fingers. Luckily, I was able to wiggle it out.

Okay, I owe some Christmas posts. I need to download those photos and get them up here. Stay tuned....

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