Friday, January 18, 2008

Perinatal Specialist Appt

We went to see our perinatal specialist yesterday. Since it's triplets, it's a high-risk pregnancy, which means I have to be followed by a specialist, in addition to a regular obstetrician. They did an ultrasound first, and they did the kind over the belly. At my fertility doctor, they always do ultrasounds in the va-jay-jay. The images were so much clearer. I guess the specialist has better baby spying equipment.

As you can see from the pictures, the babies have grown a lot. Their heartbeats were in the right range (125-180 beats per minute). Baby A's heartbeat was 151 and babies B & C were at 171. Babies B & C are a little larger than A. They measured as if they were about 11 weeks, and Baby A was 10 weeks 4 days, which is actually where I am.

We have to go back again and see the specialist in 2 weeks to check on their progress. She said she can tell a lot more about them between 12 and 13 weeks.

This afternoon, we have to return to the fertility doctor for our last appointment with them. After this, they release me to a regular ob and the specialist. Billy is really excited to not have to pay the bills at the fertility doctor's office anymore. Since it isn't covered by insurance, we have to pay out of pocket every time we go there. The perinatal specialist we saw yesterday was in network, and when we went to the checkout desk to settle up our bill, they said it was all covered. We didn't even have a co-pay! I thought Billy was going to do a little happy dance.

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