Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sweet Relief

I called my doctor's office today because the constipation was unbearable. The nurse asked if I had taken Colace (stool softener), and I said that I had been taking it for 3 days. Then, she asked if I had tried Metamucil (laxative), and I said that I had also been taking that for 3 days. In addition, I was eating bran flakes every morning and drinking plenty of fluid. She said, "You poor baby. You must be miserable." Yes, I was actually beyond miserable.

Alice kept telling me that I shouldn't push too hard or I would end up with hemmorhoids this early in my pregnancy. I know it's a little irrational, but I'm afraid that if I push too hard, one of my babies will fall out. Is that crazy? It's just the weird thoughts that go through my mind.

The doctor suggested a glycerin suppository, and that took care of it. Hallelujah! Now, they have prescribed a new prenatal vitamin for me that contains stool softener to see if we can keep this situation from happening again. I'm all about being proactive.

They also told me to temporarily discontinue the progesterone shots because progesterone slows things down in your digestive system. They'll check my levels on Friday when I'm there for my next ob visit to see if it's still holding up okay without the shots.

As for the vomiting, it continues daily now. Last night, I threw up 2 times after coming home from the Wagner's house when I got my shot. Mems had brought me chicken noodle soup in the afternoon, and it all ended up in the toilet. No more chicken soup for me.

Side note on having Kibby do my shot last night: He was all freaked out about giving it to me because I was constipated. He was worried that the pain from the shot would cause things to move in there. I told him to calm down...the shot is up by my hip, not in my crack. I told him I would give him warning if things were "moving."

I'm waiting to hear back from the doctor about the barfing situation. My doctor told me she would probably prescribe Phenergan if I was throwing up, but they don't like to give it for nausea, because it tends to knock people out. However, the alternative is me ending up dehydrated, and that's worse, so I'll probably end up on Phenergan. So far, I've been taking Zofran to control the nausea, but that has not been particularly helpful. I've also been wearing acupuncture wrist bands that supposedly work on your nausea pressure points, but they are not doing the trick either.

On top of all of my symptoms, I'm also so tired because I did not sleep well last night at all. Between feeling ill and stopped up and Winnie's behavior, I couldn't get solid sleep. When Billy is out of town, Winnie goes on high alert about every sound. She barks uncontrollably whenever she hears anything, and she must have heard something 3 or 4 times throughout the night. She's a good watch dog, but I really could have used some sleep. I may be thankful for her barking one night when someone is trying to break in, and she scares them away. It's just weird how much more alert she becomes when Billy isn't there. It's like she knows it's up to her to protect me. I hope she protects the babies when they come and doesn't get too jealous of them.

I'm headed back to the couch. I feel a nap coming on.


lori said...

glycerin suppositories rock! i was at the point of manual extraction 7 days post pearl if i didn't get some relief. i feel your pain and your relief sister!

kariyuhas said...

We're so excited for you guys. Drew is happy too; he's hoping he'll have a shot since there will be two potential girlfriends.