Monday, January 21, 2008

Rough Day

Yesterday was an ugly day. I had a couple of decent days, as far as my nausea and vomiting go, but yesterday was particularly bad. I woke up feeling sick at about 2 a.m., but I was finally able to go back to sleep for a few hours. We got up and went to church, and I was not doing well there. I had cold sweats, and the turtle neck I was wearing felt like it was closing up around my neck.

As soon as we got home, I marched straight into the bathroom and threw up my breakfast. We then headed off to my dad's house for Sunday lunch. We were having bbq pork, coleslaw, and potato casserole. Needless to say, I wasn't having much of anything. I thought coleslaw would be okay so I had a couple of helpings of it.

Later that afternoon, Billy invited over some friends to "rock out," which is what he calls playing his Rock Band game. I went to the bedroom to take a nap and watch television. After taking it easy for about an hour, I felt the urge to hit the toilet. I ended up throwing up 4 or 5 times in a row. I guess that coleslaw wasn't such a good idea because it all came back, along with the couple of pieces of pineapple and Ritz crackers I had.

It's so hard to force down food after that happens, but if I don't get something in my stomach the cycle gets even worse. The only thing that sounded the least bit appetizing to me last night was a grilled cheese. I had one and then I had a slice of cheese toast. That was the craving of the night. Luckily, those things stayed down, and I woke up feeling okay this morning.

I know some of you who know me are thinking, "Aren't you lactose intolerant? What's up with the cheese eating?" Well, as it turns out, I haven't had any problems with dairy since I got pregnant, and I crave cheese a lot. I don't know if it will last post-pregnancy, but for now, I'm enjoying eating my pizza like a normal person...with cheese! That is, when I actually feel like eating pizza.

I haven't been particularly hungry today, but I had a really strange craving. I was watching television and someone was drinking a strawberry daiquiri. I became obsessed with having one. Billy was at the grocery store already so I texted him to bring some daiquiri mix home. He said he was thinking I was completely nuts when he got the text, but he brought it home anyway. I had to make some immediately, and I drank a bunch of it. I was freezing, but I didn't care. It tasted wonderful to me!

This week, I have to get my first visit with my regular ob scheduled. My fertility clinic officially let me graduate last Friday after our appointment. I can now proceed with my pregnancy like a regular pregnant gal, although I don't know how "regular" it is to be pregnant with triplets that came from your sister's eggs.

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kmehawkeye said...

that is WONDERFUL news about being a "regular" pregnany. Hip Hip HOORAY! Sorry you feel crappy...feel free to kick my husband out of your house anytime you want. I think he is feeling cooped up here right now so he jumps at the idea of an outlet!