Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tiny Baby Movements

In the last couple of days, I've started to feel the babies move a lot more. I felt a few bubbles and flutters here and there since about 16 weeks, but lately, it's gotten to be more often and the feelings are more distinct.

Alice asked me around 18 weeks if I had felt them, and I said told her no. Then, I described how a couple of nights, I've felt gas bubbles, and I kept thinking I was going to have diarrhea, but nothing came. She said that it was no diarrhea gurgling, it was the babies. How awful that my first experience of feeling them I confused with about to have diarrhea. Now, I can differentiate. I'm getting to be a better mom.

It's funny that even with the little flutters I'm feeling, I can tell which baby it is. Billy and I had dinner at Mellow Mushroom on Friday night, and I could feel the boy moving up top. Then, last night, it was the girl on left that was moving around when we were in bed. This morning at church, the girl on the right was doing her thing. It's such a weird sensation. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like when they are big enough to kick.

On Saturday, I had my first baby shower! It was so exciting to be the one who they were having the party for. I've been to so many baby showers and hosted several, and I never thought my day would come. Saturday was my day, and it was great. My friends Jamie, Amanda, Kate, and Becky threw the party for me, and we had a wonderful time.

I think everyone who had not seen me in a while was expecting me to be a lot bigger. Most folks commented on how small I was and how surprised they were that I wasn't gigantic. I guess because my size wasn't freak show status, I disappointed some people. I told them just to give me time, and they probably wouldn't be disappointed.

After the shower, Billy and I went out to Suwanee to pick up some triplet stuff that a family out there wanted to give us. This was someone that contacted me through the triplet listserv I joined. They gave us 3 exersaucers, a triplet stroller, a double jogger, 2 play mats, and a bunch of toys. I couldn't believe their generosity!

The family had an older girl, the triplets (2 boys and 1 girl), and a younger girl! When they opened their garage, it was like Toys R Us in there. They said that we were doing them a favor by helping them clear out some of that stuff.

We talked to them for a little while to get some pointers about raising multiples. They said that they co-bedded them for the first few months, but that one of the boys was a little more restless than the other 2 babies so he was kicked out and placed in a crib on his own. The other 2 remained together for a couple more months. They also had live-in help for the first year, but she was only there Monday through Friday. She would go home on the weekends, which gave everyone a break from each other. After that first year, they got live-out help. They have no family in the area so they really had to do it all themselves. Thank God for family!

Speaking of family, today we had the typical Rodriguez-Preston family holiday event at my dad's house. We had lunch and then an Easter egg hunt for the kids. There were 17 adults there and 15 kids! My dad said that we were bumping it up to the next level next year because Liane and Jason would be back in Atlanta and able to attend, which will add 2 more adults and 3 kids at that point. Billy and I will have 3 more kids there also. Wow! That's going to be insanity.

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