Friday, March 14, 2008

Which one of my sisters is pregnant?

I've already told some of you, but many do not know that one of my sisters is pregnant. She is due September 6, almost one exactly one month after my due date for a singleton. Which sister is it you ask....well, it's Liane!

Liane claims that she accidentally got pregnant the month after she donated eggs to us, but I don't think it was much of an accident. The doctor told her that her fertility would be greatly increased in the month following the donation and that she needed to be extra careful or abstain, if she did not want to get pregnant immediately. Looks like she didn't take either option and now she's having a baby.

It's like a brain teaser between her baby and my 3: One woman is having 4 babies that are biologically hers within a few months of each other by two different fathers. How can this be?

Alice said she already warned her that she wouldn't have the same kind of help she had with Cooper and Carley once she had this baby. When Liane had each of them, Alice went to Jacksonville to help for a week, I did the same, and my dad also helped for a week. Then, one of us would go down and visit almost monthly to help her out. This time, all of her human resources are going to be pulled in a different me! Alice told Liane that all of her energy was going to be sucked dry by my triplets.

Speaking of my sisters, I was e-mailing with Vivian yesterday about helping her out with Rose on Friday. I wrote that I was feeling miserable at night because I could just feel my stomach stretching out. I told her I was up 20 lbs, and I don't know where I'm going to put the other 30 lbs the doctors would like for me to gain. Vivian wrote me back that she peaked at a 20 lb weight gain with Rose, and she felt awful so she can't imagine how bad it's going to be for me. She peaked at 20 lbs?! That bitch. I'm only 19 weeks along.

When I was getting dressed this morning, I reached for one of my size small maternity shirts that I was wearing a couple of weeks ago. When I put it on, it was skin tight and looked obscene. I had reach back in my closet and pull out a medium sized shirt, and even that is looking pretty tight. Am I even going to outgrow maternity large? This is depressing. I'm so glad that I cleared all of my old clothes out of my closet so that I don't even look at that stuff and wonder if I'll ever squeeze my fat ass back into them.

When I was writing about getting a big butt in my last post, it reminded me of something Liane said after she had Carley that I thought was so funny. I had gone to Jacksonsville a few weeks after Carley arrived, and Liane was talking about trying to fit back into some clothes. She said she was losing weight more quickly than she did with Cooper, but that she still couldn't figure out why she didn't give birth to the twins that were growing in her ass. I'm hoping that none of the babies shift around to my rear end.


Jamie said...

Hey, I gained almost 40 pounds and I only had one baby in don't worry. Your goal is healthy babies...worry about the weight later. After they're here you won't have time to eat, anyway, and will be running around like crazy. Plus, if you breastfeed all three you'll burn calories like crazy, too. It will all come off

lori said...

okay, so jamie, i'll make you feel better too. i gained 47 pounds with my one! luckily, she's 7 month's old and i'm back where i was before it started. never fear, it will happen for you too. and she's right, you're not gonna have time to eat anyway. i'm just glad i didn't match JT on the scale - glad she came early :-)