Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Week 20 Check

I had my 20 week check today. Billy came along this time because he wanted to see how big the babies had gotten for himself. He was shocked to see how much they had changed since the last time he was with me for an ultrasound (around 13 weeks). We got a few good pictures that I'll scan in later and post.

Babies A & B currently weigh about 12 ounces and Baby C is our fatty at 14 ounces. Baby C is the boy. That doesn't make much sense because that's a total 38 baby ounces, which is a little less than 2 1/2 lbs total. Why have I gained 20 lbs!? I know that there's a lot of other stuff that's adding to the weight, like my placentas, the sacs, and the Krispy Kreme doughnuts I tend to crave.

Baby C had a little issue that we are tracking at this last check. He has some fluid on his brain and the amount was at the high end of normal. The perinatal specialist said that in 85% of the cases, the issue resolves itself, but she is paid to be super paranoid about everything so she wants to closely monitor it. She had me tested for the cytomegalovirus, which is a virus that anyone can catch (it's like a cold basically), but if a pregnant women gets it, her baby(ies) could have problems, like fluid on the brain. I should have the results back from that test in a few days. I will return to the perinatal specialist in 2 weeks, and she'll check the fluid again. I'm hoping there's no problem then, but if there is, she recommends we have an amnio.

As for my cervix, it's hanging in there. It has shortened a bit, but is still longer than average, which is great. My perinatal specialist said that I could continue to do whatever I wanted as long as I wasn't too uncomfortable. However, I am getting more and more uncomfortable doing little things. This was the first week that when I went to take Winnie out for our 30 minutes of daily walking time, I had to cut it short because I was feeling a little crampy. It's now up to Billy to exercise her more. Ha! We'll see about that.

In the last few days, I've been picking up on patterns of movement. Baby A (on my right) tends to move around a lot in the mid-morning. I could feel her Sunday at church and again yesterday and today around that time. Baby C (up top) seems to do his wiggling around at dinner time. Then, Baby B (on the left) likes to do her gymnastics at bed time. I'm very worried that they will continue these patterns when they are born, which means each one will be active at a different time of the day, and I'll never get any rest! I don't think I'll get much rest regardless of their patterns so I should just give up on that any way.

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