Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Triplets Group

I joined an Atlanta-based group specifically for triplet parents last week, and I've been overwhelmed by the number of people who have triplets around here and by their willingness to help and support each other. The group has about 250 members!

I sent out a message introducing myself and saying I was new to the group, and I had at least 15 people respond to welcome me, offer advice, invite me over to their homes to see their triplets in action, and/or give me free stuff. One woman sent me a whole list of items she just wanted to give me-for free! Billy said to ask her if she had a mini-van she could give us.

The group is e-mail based so there are many messages that get exchanged on the listserv daily. Some people send out messages about items they would like to sell, others are looking for advice on pediatricians, dentists, babysitters, etc. However, there are also some really strange requests. A couple of days ago, for example, someone sent out an e-mail asking if anyone had a Davy Crockett outfit she could borrow. That seemed very odd to me. I can not think of a single situation in my life when I would have or will need a Davy Crockett outfit, but maybe once I'm the mother of triplets, I'll need weird shit. I won't know until I get there.

On my end of things, I continue to have no appetite. I wish I was ravenous so that eating wouldn't feel like such a chore. As things stand now, I just make a mental note of when I eat and two hours later, I just eat something again, and on and on the whole day. I never really want or crave anything. I simply stuff my face with high protein food whenever I can. Most days go something like this:
8 a.m.-Protein smoothie (blend of yogurt, protein powder, and various frozen fruit and juices)
10 a.m.-PB&J Sandwich
12 p.m.-Hot turkey and cheese sandwich and veggie soup
2 p.m.-Yogurt with trail mix
4 p.m.-2 cups chocolate soy milk
6 p.m.-Rice and beans topped with cheese or some tofu dish (Meat still repulses me. I can not eat anything with chicken or pork. I can still eat ground turkey, but I'm getting rather sick of it so I'm trying not to eat it too much. I'm afraid that one more ground turkey dish will set me over the edge.)
8 p.m.-Hummus and crackers
10 p.m.-Bowl of cereal with 2% milk or protein milkshake (frozen yogurt, chocolate syrup, milk, and protein powder)

Just in case you were interested, I posted my belly pic for week 17. I thought that some of you out of towners might want to take a look at my ever expanding waistline.

I had a horrifying moment a couple of weeks ago when I stepped on the scale. I looked down to see if I had gained the 1-2 lbs I needed to gain that week, but I couldn't see the numbers! My stomach was bulging out so far that I couldn't see my weight! I had to push my butt back and lean over to be able to see it!

My next concern is having an ass as large as my belly. When we were at church last weekend, there was a pregnant lady whose butt size matched her belly size. I have a big ole butt to start off, and I don't want to carry around any of the babies back there. My jeans were feeling pretty tight around my booty this morning. I don't like where this is leading.

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