Saturday, July 26, 2008

My poor boobies

Being the mother of breastfeeding triplets is like being a cow, but I don't even think a cow is milked as often as I am. My boobies are in constant demand. We feed the babies every 3 hours, but each feeding takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Therefore, I get a free 2 hours max before somebody else needs to suck away.

During the break time, I try to keep up with making bottles (we are supplementing with formula), washing baby clothes, restocking diapers and wipes, etc. I also have to eat during the breaks. In fact, I'm eating more now that when I was pregnant. It's crazy!

So back to my ta-tas...they fill up with milk constantly because the babies eat all the time. Today, I made my first outing without the babies. Billy took me to Target, and it was so exciting! Isn't that sad? I was excited by Target, but think about it...I haven't been in to a store in months, except for the time that Mems took me furniture shopping in a wheelchair right before we moved in to the house.

We were at Target for a couple of hours, and I was ready to bolt because my titties started hurting. When we got home, Bill (Billy's dad/our weekend babysitter) had already fed a couple of the babies so I fed Marie, and then I had to go pump out what was remaining. My breasts are used to making enough for 3 so I had leftovers.

The breast pump really makes me feel like a cow. I connect this thing to both of my boobs at the same time, and it basically vacuums my nipple out and releases it over and over to stimulate milk production. I have this crazy bra I wear with it so that it's hands free, but really, what can you possibly do while having breastmilk sucked out of your body?

The only thing that would make me feel better about all of this is if my breasts were actually much bigger, but they are not. I waited my entire pregnancy to have bigger boobs, but it didn't happen. Now, I was thinking this breastfeeding thing was going to do it, but I was sorely mistaken. They may be a little fuller, but that's about it. What a joke!

I could go on and on about this topic, but one of my little suckers is calling for me. It's time to get milked-AGAIN!


Gina Wileman said...

Ah yes the new big outting!

I totally remember the feeling of WALKING again through Target (of course) after the bed rest days! It is a wonderful thing. My last trip to Target before delivery was also in a motorized wheelchair. Unfortunatley, I was with Bill and he thought it was a real treat to watch me manuevering through the aisels. It got better though....
(at least for him)when the battery died on the thing......which meant HE got to go fetch another wheelchair and ride it back to me...honking and waving the entire time. We were then advised to abandon the "dead wheelchair" and continue our shopping trip. FUN!

But truth be told Target is STILL an amazing get away after a hectic day. At 7am it is the quietest place in the world. Give me a shout if you want to meet and wander a bit! :)

As for the poor, sore, overworked and underpaid boobies....well...."that sucks"

Anonymous said...

Leslie-you and Billy amaze me-you will look back on this with such a feeling of accomplishment times three-Becky and the blog have kept me up to date-I can't wait to see you and yours at a play date-Congratulations to you and yours-Anne Rowan C.-Becky's Mom