Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Of Renovations, Moving, and Pending Babies

First and foremost, no babies yet. With the move, our computer (and accompanying internet) access has been lacking for a few days, so Leslie hasn't had a chance to give any updates. I figured I'd send out a quick update from my office while I could.

Leslie and the three amigos are doing great. We had what looks to be our last visit to the perinatologist (the high-risk doctor) today. She continued to give Leslie all kinds of well-deserved kudos for having such an amazing triplet pregnancy.

Each of the babies measured in at over 5 pounds today. Wow! Much better than we ever expected. Weight varied a little between all three, but with it being so much more difficult to get good readings through the ultrasound as they get bigger, we'll just stick with "around 5 pounds" for now.

The doctor also said that it will be no more than 10 days from now that we bring the trips into the world. So let Baby Watch '08 officially begin!

We closed on the condo yesterday, and all went smoothly! That was so relieving to finally get behind us and be able to move forward with the new house, which Leslie just saw for the first time since before we put an offer down. We were also able to sleep there for the first time last night.

Speaking of the new house, in the past week and a half, we've painted just about every wall and ceiling, done a semi-remodel of the kitchen and downstairs bathroom, partially flooded the basement (and subsequently shop-vac'd it dry), got all the trim and woodwork painted, partially set up the nursery, and then finally moved all of our stuff in on Saturday and Sunday.

On that note, I need to thank everyone who has been helping us get everything prepped and ready over there. The help has been beyond invaluable, and I can't begin to express how grateful I am of the willingness of people to give of their time and sweat. My dad has been there every single day and night that I have, working his tail off. He has been an amazing right-hand man. Can't imagine this without him. Mems has unpacked what seems like every box in the house and cleaned all the cabinets, set up the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. She even convinced Leslie to let her wheel her around in a wheel chair and take her furniture shopping on Saturday! Rolando has done a little of everything: packing, painting, running truckloads of our junk from his basement, and anything else we need. Maureen made us dinner for what seems like a month straight. Alice, Kibby, and Drew have painted walls and doors for us, given Leslie a place to take refuge from the craziness, and watched after Winnie. All while under going serious drama with their own big-time house renovation. Paul and Vivian created the nursery, schlepped boxes around, and did a lot of unpacking and getting things settled. Of course, I'm missing a ton of what these people have done, but my memory's a little shot lately, so I hope you get the picture!

To everyone else that's helped paint and lug around our furniture the last two weekends, thanks so much. Leslie's cousin Kelly painted all weekend long. Steve Harding spent almost an entire Saturday painting our walls and ceilings and drinking as much beer as we could provide. Mark Morris and TJ Hart not only painted for the bulk of a Saturday, but also came back to help move all of our stuff the next week. Anyway, I could go on and on (and already have), but thanks again to all of our laborers: Bill Wileman, Wes and Becky Neece, Mike Lott, Eric and Jennifer Cheek, Jeff O'Connor, Brent Rea, Spencer Koch, John Elliott, Rob Conners, and of course, Joe "Pops" Sce.

Finally, I know a lot of people are hoping for a final picture of Leslie before d-day. I'll see what I can do.


Jamie said...

Thanks for the update, Billy! It sounds like everything is coming together just perfectly...can't wait to meet the little ones. Give Leslie a hug for me!!

kariyuhas said...

Thanks for the update! We are actually sad to have missed out on all the moving and craziness. Hopefully, we can make it up to you through lots of diaper changing and babysitting. We will definitely take over for a night, so you can atleast get a quick dinner and movie...just the two of you. Drew will love having 3 babies to play with.