Sunday, July 27, 2008

A few new pics

The first week is already very blurry to me. Sleep deprivation makes you forget everything.

Aunt Alice spent the first few days with us. She helped with bottle prep, diaper changing, feedings (especially night feedings), and everything else baby-related we have been doing. After she left, Aunt Teri came in for support. She was also wonderful with the babies. We celebrated her birthday on Sunday night, and she took off on Monday. She will be back soon for a week.

We took the little ones to the pediatricians' office for the first time the Thursday after they came home. It was such a production. There is so much work that goes in to an outing with them. I have to prepare the diaper bag, considering every possible scenario. What if they all pee or poop through their clothes? What if they get hungry? What if they get cold? I have to pack 2 additional girl outfits and 1 boy outfit, diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. That's just to be gone for about 2 hours. If we are out for longer, I have to take even more stuff!

We were like stars when we arrived at the office. Everyone kept saying how excited they were about the "Zeigler Triplets." We had several doctors and nurses stop by the newborn waiting room to gaze at our little ones and tell me how shocked they were that I carried them so long and that they were so healthy. We are truly blessed!

The babies weights were all on the rise by then, which made everyone happy. The nurse practitioner that we met with was giving us so much information that I thought my head was going to explode. There were different little things we had to do for Abby, Marie, and Will, and I was having trouble keeping it all straight. Marie kept crying, and I was so distracted. I came out of the appointment hoping I didn't miss anything too important. I must not have because over a week later, the babies are still doing fine.

One of the recommendations from that appointment was that we take the babies out for short walks every day. We have taken a couple of walks so far, and it's hilarious the looks we get from neighbors who drive by us as I push the triple decker stroller (pictured above), and Billy walks our nearly 100 lb lab. We are quite a large family these days!

I have to run and do some prep work before we make another outing today. We are going to my dad's house for lunch. We do this every Sunday, but this will be the first time we take the babies. It should be exciting!


john said...

all I have to say is that you are a total rockstar!

kmehawkeye said...

that was me (kate) on the above post and not john...for some reason it showed coming from his email. sorry!

bz said...

The first "week" has definitely been a little blurry, considering it's been TWO! :)

Teri Z said...

When in doubt, 7-10 days!! Miss you ALL! xoxo to the trips!

Becky said...

I can't believe you are taking them somewhere!!! You ROCK!!!

Katie said...

Congratulations!!!! Kate just sent me your blog so I've been catching up on all the wild stories!