Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby leftovers

I'm going to go postal on the next person who asks me when my baby is due! Yes, people still ask this. I have a belly, but what do you expect? I was huge, and it took me 8 months to get that way. I can't exactly shed the belly in 3 months. I have what I refer to as "baby leftovers."

I was at the microwave at my office last week, and a guy walked in and asked me how long I had left. I thought the he was referring to the French bread pizza I was cooking up in the microwave, so I responded, "about a minute." He gave me a funny look, and then changed this question. He asked, "No, when are you expecting?" I told him I had triplets 3 months ago and still had some lbs to lose. He felt like a total jerk-off. Why do people even bring it up? If you aren't sure, don't say anything at all!
To make myself feel better about my weight, I decided to scroll through some old pregnancy pictures of myself. They made me laugh. In a few of them, my belly is so huge that it looks fake. I have some posted below for your viewing pleasure!

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kariyuhas said...

Did you ask that smae guy when his baby is due? What a loser?! I know you look great, and you will lose whatever weight you're still carrying. Hang in there!