Monday, October 13, 2008

Picture Updates

I guess I was tired after my first week at work. I passed out with Abby on Thursday night in Billy's leather recliner. We were very comfortable together there.
Marie and Abby have both discovered their thumbs. Marie now constantly sucks hers. I like it better than having to shove the pacifier in her mouth a million times, but it's going to be a hard habit for her to break in the long-run, since she'll always have access to her thumb.
Michele took this picture of Marie smiling on her swing.
Yes, I know this picture of Will is upside down, but I couldn't figure out how to flip it on the blog. Sorry, but you get the idea. He's cute, even upside down.
Here's a better one of Will...he's riding a pony! We went to Lily's pony party yesterday, and he got on. Marie also got on, but because Abby lacks neck control, she couldn't ride.

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Teri Z said...

Love the one of you and Ms. Abby!