Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pics from Marmie

Whenever the kids visit Marmie, she does a little photo shoot with them. Here are some pictures from her house:
Here is Abby all cozy in bed. She looks so big. She didn't actually sleep in Marmie's bed, but she spent her morning there lounging while Marmie got ready for her day. Abby is a perfect angel one-on-one. I think she secretly wishes she was an only child. Poor baby!
Here is Abby in her crib at Marmie's with her rabbit. Marmie has a nursery set up for the trips at her house.
This is a bad angle for my chunky-monkey. Marie is solid, as you can see. She doesn't miss a meal, and she seems to stockpile a lot of what she takes down in her cheeks. I just want to squeeze them all the time.
Marie is sitting up on the couch. She has the best head control out of all the babies. She'll probably be the first to sit up by herself, but her fat cheeks may pull her over. Will is smiling at his ladybug. That thing never gets old!

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Katie said...

What sweet angels! Can't wait to see all of you very soon!