Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We'll be dressing up the kids tonight, and I'll definitely post some pictures after that, but first, I have a funny Halloween story to share.

A couple of night ago, Billy and I were feeding the kids around 8:30 when we heard the doorbell and a knock at the door. As those of you who have ever been to our house know, Winnie freaks when she hears the slightest noise at the door. The sound of the doorbell and knocking put her into an absolute frenzy. So after the knock and bell, she goes charging towards the door. It takes Billy and me a few seconds to decide who will walk over to the door and deal with our "visitor." Well, what we didn't realize was that the door must have been slightly ajar when the person came by, and when he/she knocked, it opened the door. This allowed Winnie an escape opportunity. She had already run outside by the time Billy got to the front door.

When he got to the door, he saw a Halloween bag there. Apparently, we had been "booed," which I thought was some weird thing they only did in our crazy neighborhood, but Liane said they do it in hers too, and I've heard it's pretty common. Man, the suburbs just keep getting weirder. Anyway, for those of you who don't know, when you are "booed" someone just drops off a "treat" at your door. Our treat bag had candy and 2 bottles of wine in it. There was a note attached indicating that we had to do the same for 2 neighbors, and we had to post an enclosed picture of a ghost on our door so that it wouldn't happen to us again. We had seen the ghost pictures on many neighbors' front doors, and Billy kept wondering what it was all about. Now we know.

Anyway, the person who "booed" us must have crapped his/her pants when Winnie ran out after him/her. She was already out in the street by the time we went to get her, but we didn't see anyone around.

Last night, Billy went out to boo a couple of neighbors. It cracked me up to see him get all ready to go out. He packed up his treat bag, scoped out which houses he would hit, and got warmed up so he wouldn't pull anything running away from houses after he knocked. He did the first house (next door) and ran back to our house. Then, he went further down the street, and he was huffing and puffing when he came home. One day, it will be the kids out there booing our neighbors. Too funny!

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Katie said...

Man...y'all got booed & got wine...we only got candy in our neighborhood! Maybe we should move to yours where they're more generous!