Monday, November 17, 2008

Couldn't resist

Since you can't get enough of the Zeigler trips, here are a few more photos:

Will likes to stare at himself in the mirror. Why wouldn't he? He's so handsome!

Marie has trouble distinguishing between smiling and just opening up her mouth. This is a mix of the two.
Abby appears to be trying to do the "Macarena" in this shot.

Abby is drooling like a crazy beast these days. I have to keep a bib on her most of the time so that I can avoid changing her outfits several times.
Marie was very tired after Papa's house on Sunday. She needed a nap...poor little Sleeping Beauty...she always needs a nap.

Will was all dressed up like a big man on Sunday. He wanted to show everyone his more mature side.

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