Friday, November 14, 2008


Becky asked if I ever just sit and relax when I'm at home with the babies. The answer is a big, fat "no!" However, that's not anything new for me. Even before the babies arrived, I lived by the motto, "relaxing is for losers." I was constantly on the move. When Billy would force me to sit and relax, I would multi-task. I may have been sitting on the couch, but I was also reading a book, or making my grocery list, or checking e-mail on the laptop.

When I got pregnant, I tried to relax more, and by the end of the pregnancy, I didn't do much besides sit around and watch tv. After a few weeks of that, I decided I had enough relaxing for a lifetime.

Now, I rarely even sit down at home, much less relax. If I'm sitting, it's because I'm pumping breast milk, and I usually have a baby next to me propped up on a boppy that I'm feeding at the same time or trying to entertain with toys. Sometimes, I pump and hold a baby, and he/she kicks the breast shields off my boobies.

Speaking of my boobies (my fave subject), Abby bit me last night while feeding. I guess it's not really "biting" if there are no teeth, but she definitely "gummed" me, and it did not feel good. Mental note, wean before they get teeth. YIKES!

Back to the relaxing thing. It's not even worth it for me to take it easy because if I do, it just means that I have double the work to do when I get up. There are always bottles to make and wash, laundry to wash, dry, fold, and put away, babies to comfort, boxes to unpack (still!), etc. Even if I'm sitting, my mind is racing, and I can never truly relax.

I'll relax again when I'm dead, I guess.

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