Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lots of celebrating!

We've had a busy couple of weeks between all of the celebrating we've been doing. First, our 5 year anniversary was on April 30th! I can't believe it's been 5 years. Billy said 5 "blissful" years, and I said, 4 and then the babies were born. Ha! Really, we are blessed to have 3 healthy, amazing, adorable kids, but it's been one rough (almost) year!

Anyway, we celebrated our anniversary by going to Callaway Gardens for 2 nights. We needed sleep and some "us" time. We hadn't had a "real" conversation in so long. We tried not to talk too much about the kids, but it's so hard. They are the center of our lives now.

While there, we had some good dinners, took a boat ride, golfed (Billy), ran (me), and hit the spa (me). We also slept...a lot! I miss sleeping in so much. Abby is my earliest riser, and she's usually up just before 6 a.m. That kills me. I'm still getting up at least once a night with someone so it would be nice if they would let me sleep until 6:30. That's all I ask.

We returned on Sunday to reality. We picked up the girls at my dad's house, where Viv had ditched them. Alice kept them on Friday night, and Vivian took over on Saturday night. Apparently, Drew and Rose were excellent entertainment for the babies when the girls were at their respective homes. Mems had Will all weekend, and she brought him over to our house as soon as we walked in. They were all reunited!

The next celebration was this past week. Billy's birthday was on Wednesday. Then, his dad's birthday was the next day. Now, we have Mother's Day coming up tomorrow. It's too much craziness! We are doing a joint celebration of all events with Billy's family tonight, and we'll do a Mother's Day event with my family tomorrow. We are ALL planning to gather at a nearby park. This includes my three sisters, four step-sisters, all husbands and offspring, and my dad and Maureen. These events are typically total chaos and insanity. The babies will be able to join in on the cousin fun pretty soon. For now, they will be spectating from the comfort and safety of their triplet stroller. However, they may get a chance to swing and go down some slides. Don't fret, I'll take pictures and post them.

By the way, they have outgrown the triple decker stroller, and I plan to sell it to another triplet mom on my listserv. That happened so quickly! Their legs are so long that they kick each other in it now. Pretty soon, they'll be out of their infant car seats and into the big convertible ones. At that point, we'll need the mini-van.

Last Tuesday, I was able to hit my monthly book club. I always love going and catching up with everyone, even if I haven't read the book. The book is only a fraction of what we discuss. We also talk about child rearing, our husbands, jobs, sex, moving, gossip, etc. It's never dull. It's also a great place to get wonderful advice. This month I brought up my problems with Will not sleeping through the night. He will cry for 2 solid hours if I let him, and he will only go back to sleep if he's had a bottle. He drinks 8 ounces in the middle of the night some times! My wise book club moms said that he probably wasn't crying to cry...he must be hungry. It may also be a sign of a strong-willed child. Uh-oh. I am a "bit" stubborn so I see where these tendencies may come from, although I prefer to think of it as being really committed. "Stubborn" sounds so negative.

I have new pictures of the babies and of pitiful Winnie for the next post. I'll work on getting those downloaded on to the computer later.

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