Friday, May 29, 2009

End of May Pictures

Marie is such a mess in this picture, but she looks so darn cute! They are all great eaters, but we are still only doing baby food and some homemade purees. We tried Cheerios once and almost choked them to death. We'll give it another couple of weeks and try finger foods again.

Here are Abby and Will swinging away at the park. They love the swings! I have videos that I'm uploading to YouTube right now to show the swinging in action.

They all love to pull up on the windowsill and look out at the world...well, just our front yard. Our mail lady loves to see them there. Sometimes when neighbors walk by our house and look over, I can see the total surprise in their faces when they notice the 3 little faces staring back at them.

How cute is this? You wouldn't know that Abby and Marie fight like crazy if you saw this picture. Typically, they want whatever toy the other one has. Abby will give a warning scream and then bite Marie to get what she wants. Marie screams, slaps, and pulls tight on what she wants. Girl fights!

Will likes to show off his teeth, but he also likes to grind them. The grinding is so gross. It sounds like he's chewing gravel. It drives us all crazy!

Abby and Will pull up on the gates we have everywhere. They also grab their crib railings and stand up in there. Will had to be quarantined because he liked to stand in his crib and scream to the girls to wake them up. He's now in a pack and play in another bedroom. Abby likes to stand in her crib, but she doesn't know how to get back down and has a meltdown whenever she is tired. Then, one of us has to go in there, put her down and pat her to sleep.

This is the classic Marie face. She lifts her top lip to expose her top teeth with the big gap in front. I'm not sure why she makes this face, but it's so funny. This was taken from the outside of our house looking in the play room window.

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