Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mems' Pics from April

Here's Abby sporting a hat at Marmie's house. Marmie loves hats. This one is Will's, but it seems to be making Abby happy. Her smile cracks me up.
The kids now fight like crazy. They steal toys from each other, and when they get super irritated, they scream at each other. Abby's signature move is to scream in her brother or sister's face as a distraction and then, she bites him or her. She's only got 2 bottom teeth, but they are sharp.

Will really doesn't know what to do with himself in this swing. He looks utterly baffled by the situation.

Will and Abby are all in to clapping. Abby brings both hands together to clap, but Will has one stiff arm and just bangs the other hand against the stationary one. Whatever works, I guess. Marie just watches them when they clap. She doesn't even attempt it. I guess she figures that twisting her wrists is enough of a hand workout.

Speaking of Marie, she's Miss Priss with this little bow in her hair. Vivian and Rose made it to match this outfit.
Here's my terrific trio. They are getting close to outgrowing their car seats. I can't believe that just a few months ago they barely filled out these seats.

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