Friday, October 23, 2009


There is just nothing like a grandparent. They love their grand kids and spoil them rotten. They see the good in everything they do. They will rearrange their entire lives to spend time with their grand kids, and if you need them, they are there without even blinking. Well, I'm talking about the most amazing grandparents in the world...our children's grandparents. I just have no idea how we would manage without them.

My dad watches them all at least one day a week and usually takes a baby for a spend the night party weekly. Billy's dad comes several nights a week to help us get them to bed, and he also helps at least one day a week. Marmie comes by some evenings, and she has a full baby rotation schedule, where she will check out a different baby each weekend.

I often take for granted what amazing grandparents they all are. I will talk to a friend or colleague who asks if we have help, and I will tell her about the grandparents, and I always hear the same thing, "I wish my parents/my in-laws helped that much." Most of the time the grandparents come for birthday parties and help when something major is going on, but otherwise, they are not involved. I can't even imagine this!

Coming from my background, where my grandparents were like a second and third set of parents to me, I wouldn't have it any other way. I treasured the relationships I had with Nata, Ka, Nachi, and Go. They made me who I am today. I want our kids' grandparents to help shape their lives. It really does take a village! In our case, we could use 3 villages! I guess we'll take the one really big village we have.

Papa taking the kids for a spin on one of his babysitting days. Our neighbors always comment on how many different people they see with our kids cruising the streets.

Pop-pop Zeigler holding Will and Marie back so that they don't go playing in the street. It's really hard to control 3 toddlers when you set foot outside.

Marmie with Tiny, aka Marie. Marmie is especially happy because Miss Marie has warmed up to her a lot lately. Marie went through a rough period with separation anxiety. She wanted only mommy all the time. She's pretty over it now, but Abby has stepped up to the plate and wants more mommy-time. In fact, if she sits in my lap to read a book, and Will decides to join us, she pushes him off and screams at the top of her lungs. Nice. I can already feel the sibling love.

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