Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Yorks Hit Disney...and left their mark(s)

I'll start with a pre-Disney teta milk story and slowly move into poop stories from Disney. Well, Liane has been trying (although not too hard) to wean Chloe for a couple of weeks. Because they were going to Disney, Liane wanted to get her used to taking a bottle so she could leave her. She figured Chloe would slow them down at the parks, and she's not going to remember any of it anyway. Chloe still loves herself some teta sucking, but mostly at night. Clearly, however, nobody wants to volunteer to keep Chloe overnight knowing full well that she'll be waking up screaming for some boobie.

The first couple of nights of trial weaning, Liane would give Jason a bottle for him to give to Chloe when she cried at night. Chloe was not having any of it. She was pissed. Once she learned that the bottle getting shoved in her face meant that she wasn't getting a teta, she started to rebel. On the second night, she punched Jason in the nose when he approached her with a bottle, and he got a bloody nose. She's tough.

By the third night, Carley was at her wits end. When Chloe started crying, Carley screamed, "Give that baby teta milk. I can't sleep!" Liane gave up, and Chloe didn't get weaned and ended up in Disney. Oh well. When Liane realized Chloe was making the trip, she asked my dad if he wanted to join them. He said, "Let me think about it...." (2 second pause) "No thanks." My dad is a smart man.

While in Disney, the York escapades continued. Apparently, Carley was too busy one day to go to the bathroom to take a dump. Therefore, she just went right in her pants. They cleaned her up, discarded her underwear, and took her back to the park sans panties. That night, they had reservations at the Castle. Cooper was sitting at the table complaining about his itchy butt. He was saying, "Hey guys, my butt itches" very loudly. I'm sure their dining neighbors were probably thrilled with the ambiance they were creating. Alice later confessed that Cooper was complaining of an itchy butt when she babysat him before they left, but she told him to tell his parents. She said it wasn't her responsibility to investigate that situation.

So, Cooper had an itchy butt, and then Carley decided she had to poop again. Jason took her to the bathroom but quickly hurried back and said, "We have to get out of here." Carley had pooped all the way to the bathroom and since she had on no panties, her poop spilled out and left a trail from their table to the bathroom in Cinderella's castle.

They quickly collected their belongings and prepared to dine and dash, but Cooper being Cooper stepped directly into a pile of poop and got it all over himself right after Jason said, "Watch your step, son." It just doesn't get any better than this! They took the tran back to the hotel, and Cooper kept begging Jason to sit in his lap. Needless to say, he had to stay in his own seat...Jason was not wanting the poopies on him too.

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Nila said...

Somehow, none of this surprises me.