Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Updates

The week before Christmas, we enjoyed a celebration at my cousin's house with all of my mom's side of the family. We do this every year. This year, my kids played with the "big kids." I can't believe they aren't by my side all the time anymore. It's nice, but a little sad also. Well, not that sad really. I'm enjoying a lot of their independence now, except for when they insist on doing things they really aren't able to do. Seriously, you want to make your own lunch? I'd like to see that. You want to drive the car? That should be interesting. You want to walk Winnie? do you feel about being dragged across pavement? It's so hard to explain this to all to them!

This is what they came down to on Christmas morning...a new train table and kitchen set from Santa! They also got magnadoodle boards, jeeps, a slide/climber thing, and lots of arts and crafts supplies. They were really excited to see everything. They still say, "Santa brought that" every morning when they come downstairs and look in the playroom.

Here they are coloring at their new Ikea activity table that we gave them for Christmas. We got rid of the triplet feeding/activity table. This is much smaller, and they can get in and out of it themselves. They are so independent now!

On Christmas Eve, the Zeiglers came over. Unfortunately, Abby did not nap that day and passed out fully clothed at 5:30 p.m. She didn't get to open any of her gifts from them until the next morning. Marie was an expert unwrapper by then. She loved all the clothes she got and would instantly want to put it on. What a little fashionista! Will would just look at the boxes and move on. He didn't know you could actually play with anything until he got the "big truck." It was a big Tonka police rescue truck with a crane, and he screamed, "Open it" when he saw it. He may wear girls' clothes, but he's all boy! Speaking of funny clothes, he's got on his Georgia suspender pajamas in the pic above. Thanks, Aunt Liane! Just to make it a bit redneck, when he spilled water on the shirt, he just wore the suspenders and pants with no shirt the rest of the evening. It was a hot look.

Billy got the kids Toy Story 3 for Christmas, and one night, he set up all their sleeping bags for a viewing party. They didn't last long, but Billy and I finished the movie after they went to sleep. I guess they are a little ways from understanding and following a movie storyline. Oh well, Billy and I enjoyed it! Abby crawled into Billy's sleeping bag with him after she got tired of hers. That's the picture of them 2.

All in all, the kids had a great Christmas! They kind of "got it." We used lots of Santa-related if you don't do that, Santa won't bring you presents, or Santa only brings choo-choos to good boys and girls. It somewhat altered their behavior from time to time. I think we'll have more success next year. We'll probably invest in an Elf on the Shelf in 2011. What they really get now is the threats now that Santa will come take away toys if they don't behave. I guess now that they've got the stuff, they don't want to give it up. How long will this work?

They are having official withdrawal from the Advent Calendar. Every night they ask, "Abrir la puerta?" (Open the door?). The calendar had little doors they would open to reveal hidden treasures. Well, really it was a bunch of junk or an occasional piece of candy, but they loved it.

Will is officially a hoarder. He has insane amounts of toys in his bed now. He is especially fond of sleeping with all of his tools. Each night, he carries a hammer and a screwdriver, as well as 2 knives from their kitchen set. I guess he's looking to protect us all at night from evil monsters. He refers to all of these pieces as "sharp" and/or "very sharp." He sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and screams, "Mama, SHARP!" That means, "mom, get the hell in here and find my knife, hammer, and screwdriver in the bed." I have to run in and rummage around to find everything, and he'll go back to sleep gripping them. Should I be worried about this obsession?

Michele finally convinced him to get rid of the 2 shake 'n go firetrucks, the batman car, and 6 matchbox cars that he had in his bed. Now, "all" he has are the knives and tools, a Little People school bus, a big plastic Goofy thingy that spins around and around and lights up, a sunshine that used to be attached to his crib slats that plays music, and stuffed animal. It's a good thing the kid sleeps in a queen bed! Every night before bed, he grabs random things and asks, "Eso en mi cama?" (This in my bed?) The other night, he was grabbing pieces of his train track. Why in the world would he want to sleep with those wooden train tracks?

There are many more Christmas-related updates and pictures, but this is a start.

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