Friday, January 14, 2011

Finishing up December and early January

Okay, so I realized I missed a few things that were Christmas-related in the last post. This post should get you all caught up.

1. We visited the Pink Pig! My dad worked for Rich's for pretty much his entire adult life so the Pink Pig was a huge tradition in our family. We always went to Rich's downtown to ride the rickety pig on the monorail on top of the building. It would go around the Rich's Great Christmas Tree, and they had a little zoo set up underneath. I remember being so excited to get my sticker at the end.

Well, the whole experience at Lenox kinda sucks compared to that, but it is what it is, and as they say in Pinkalicious, "You get what you get, and you don't get upset." By the way, Pinkalicious is Marie's favorite book these days. Thanks, Becky! We have to read it every night, and whenever I ask Marie what color plate or cup or whatever she wants, it's "pink, pink, pink!"
Anyway, back to the Pink Pig. Billy went over to Lenox and bought the tickets the day before we went, and then, we headed over there the Wednesday before Christmas. We waiting in line for about 40 minutes for about 2 minutes of actual pig riding, and it was a really lame ride at that. The kids liked it okay, but it wasn't thrilling or anything. I guess it's just a tradition.

Before riding the Pig, we hit daddy's office, and Abby squeezed in a quick check of her e-mail. She said she really needed to update her Outlook calendar before we got going. She sat there and yelled, "Abby working!" Enjoy it now. It won't be nearly as exciting when she really has to go to an office everyday.

2. I had the picture of them sitting at the little Ikea table in my last post, but I have to tell you that one of Santa's elves, aka Papa Lando, came over to build a bunch of toys on Christmas Eve. There was so much to do, and we simply didn't have enough time, so we had to enroll helpers. Even with assistance, we were up until about 2 a.m. on Christmas. It was a long day! We opened gifts at home first, and then, we were off to Mems' for lunch. They took naps there, and then, we headed off to my dad's for dinner.

My dad has wrapped his carport in heavy duty plastic and put large space heaters in there to give some extra square footage because of all the attendees. We called it his "kill room" because it looked like something Dexter would have set up. You only get that if you watch the Showtime series Dexter. My dad loves it...actually, most of our family is really into the show.

3. Abby and Will started shaving. No, not really, but they wanted to give shaving cream a try one morning when they saw daddy shaving. With my hairy genes, really shaving isn't that far off.

4. I still find Abby in random places at night after locking her and Marie in their room. Yes, I lock them in. Call it bad parenting, but would you rather that they come out of their rooms and fall down the stairs? I don't think so.

Billy found her in the rocking chair one night. A couple of days later, he found her asleep in the office by the printer. Apparently, we had forgotten to lock the door that night. Whoops. See what happens?

Most nights, she's just on the floor in her room, and I have to move her into her bed. Some nights, though, she's on the floor directly behind her door so we have to literally push her back with the door to get to her.

Sometimes Marie does the same, but not as often. During naptime the other day, she snuggled up on the floor behind our rocker when Papa Lando was rocking Abby. She just wanted to be close to everyone. She's learned that behavior from Winnie.

5. We love getting Christmas cards. We put them all up, and the kids ask, "who this? who this?" and point at everyone. Abby committed most names to memory and would explain to the other 2 who everyone was when it went in one ear and out the other with them. :) They were very sad when I took them all down.

6. We took them to the grocery store before our major blizzard! They fought over who sat in which cart. They had to switch multiple times. It was like a Chinese Fire Drill every time we stopped the carts. The fun never ends.

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