Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm taking care of me in 2011

Sorry for my slack blogging. I have tried to turn a little more attention to taking care of me now that the kids are a little more independent. That has meant less blogging time and more time devoted to other things I enjoy.

I'm cooking pretty regularly again. We just had black beans & roasted pork loin, chicken piccata and roasted potatoes, and maple mustard pork chops and peas and sweet potatoes all in one week. For the past couple of years, I had been throwing together quick stuff at the last minute, which usually consisted of breaded chicken breasts, meatballs, or meatloaf with a side of veggies. It's time to get the variety back.

I also started running again a few months ago, and I've worked my way up to about 15-20 miles/week. I run about 5 miles 3 or 4 days/week. It feels great to be doing it again, and I feel myself wanting to push harder and harder. I didn't know how much I had been missing it until I got back into it.

I've also been sleeping a little more. Hallelujah! The kids give us tons of trouble to go to sleep at night, but once they are down, they sleep much better. Will typically wakes up around 4:30 and says, "Mama, come yay down wit Wheel." I can't's snuggle time. I'll sneak in his bed and we'll cuddle until I have to get up for work, or if it's the weekend, we might stay in bed until 8 or 8:30. It's glorious. The girls have been great about staying in their room and chatting until I come in if they are up. They are also much nicer to Billy the mornings I'm gone to work.

I've also gotten more into my work and taken on lots of new responsibilities. That also feels great. I felt like during the time I was pregnant and for about the first year and a half after the kids were born, my brain was like mush. Now, I feel like I'm getting myself together and the pieces are falling in place.

Billy and I have also been taking time together. We have a standing lunch date every other Thursday, and we try to get out and socialize more.

Well, enough at me. I'm just giving excuses for my infrequent posts. Next post, it's back to the good stuff--the kids!

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