Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh Jesus

Yes, that's his underwear on his head. He probably put them on after this and then pooped in them. The whole pooping in the toilet thing isn't processing. I'm so tired of scrubbing poop out of underwear. Ugh.

Seriously, they wrestle constantly. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, which happens about 99% of the time they play like this.

These two are trouble. Here they are with their tea party set.

So, I've really gotta watch what I say around these kids now. Abby has been using the phrase "Oh Jesus" very well lately.

A couple of weeks ago, we were heading upstairs and Will was freaking out because he left some toy downstairs. Abby quickly turned around, ran down the stairs, got the toy and brought it to Will. Will then screamed, "No! Mommy do it!" Abby turned to me, rolled her eyes, and said, "Oh Jesus." She walked the toy to me, handed it over, and then walked right past Will on the stairs.

Last weekend, she walked outside carrying a bunch of her little plastic plates from her kitchen set for a picnic, but as she walked out, she dropped the stack she was carrying. She then proceeded to yell, "Oh Jesus." Will caught on and also started screaming it. I hope our neighbors couldn't understand what they were saying.

I was telling my boss about that, and she said that one of her nephews used the expression, and the parents figured out that they were saying it so they started to add "save us" after every time they used it. Then, when the nephew would say "Oh Jesus," they would hear their daughter add "save us." Maybe that can be our strategy. At least that might keep them from getting expelled from their Catholic preschool. Oh Jesus. Save us.

Mems was also commenting on the funny stuff they say. Marie was at her house last weekend, and she said she asked "what's that?" about the salt shaker like 5 times. Every time Mems told her what it was, she'd say, "Oh. Okay." Then, a few minutes later, she'd ask "What's that?" Mems also said that they would be sitting eating or on the couch and Marie would say, "Hi, Mimi!" out of nowhere like it was the first time she'd seen her in days. Funny child.

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