Wednesday, June 11, 2008

31+ weeks

I'm still hanging in there! I had my 31 week check with my ob yesterday, and she still seems to think we should shoot for 34 weeks, not 36. She said that around 34 weeks, I become very high risk for preeclampsia, which is high blood pressure during pregnancy. This would put me and the babies at risk, and she doesn't want to take any chances. She told me about the warning signs of preeclampsia (blurred vision, seeing spots, sudden swelling in the hands and face, pain under the right breast, and headaches) and wants me to report any of these to her immediately.

Next week, I will start rotating around to some of the other partners in the practice. She wants to make sure I know everyone in case she's not on call when I go into labor. However, she also said that she had alerted her partners that they were to contact her, even if she was not on call, when I am going to deliver because she wants to be the one to deliver my babies. She said, "I've gotta see these triplets first!"

I've gained another 5 lbs since my last appointment 2 weeks ago, which is perfect. They said I should be gaining about 2 lbs per week at this point. I honestly don't know how I'm gaining weight because I hardly eat anything. I get full very quickly and still have so many food aversions. I think I ate scrambled eggs for dinner 3 nights last week. That's all I could stomach. Billy is the best scrambled egg maker...he makes 'em really fluffy. YUM!

When I walked up to my ob's office yesterday, there was another pregnant lady standing at the elevators. She looked over at me, and she said, "You must be due any day." I told her I still had a few weeks to go. She was probably about my same size, and she said she was due on Sunday. I told her I was having triplets, and she was shocked. It never gets old.

My newest symptom over the past few days is "fat foot." I have one foot, my left one, that gets all swollen and distorted. The doctor said that the babies are probably putting more pressure on that side. It grosses me out to look at it. I'll spare you all and will not post a picture of it on the blog. I haven't been updating the blog as much because my "fat foot" acts up when I sit at the computer. Sorry, but I have to avoid "fat foot" at all costs so I'm done with this post.

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