Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's all happening at once

We just got an offer on our condo today, and we've done our negotiations. It will be binding tomorrow. If all goes well, we will close on June 30th! We are thrilled to finally be getting rid of it.

As for our house situation, we have a house in East Cobb under contract, and it will be inspected this weekend. If it passes, we will close in about a week! Can you believe it? The triplets are going to have a house to come home to.

The good and bad part about all of this is that I can not help with the move at all. It's kind of nice to think that I'll just be sitting around on my butt while others do the work, but at the same time, I hate not being able to put stuff where I want it. I would say I can get things organized later, but who am I kidding...once these babies arrive it will be years before I can get anything organized again. I'm just being realistic. We'll figure it all out-we have to!


Laura said...

How exciting!

Meg Dean said...

Good Luck, i'm sure everything will work out!