Monday, June 2, 2008

Action-Packed Weekend

I had a very eventful weekend. I take advantage of the weekends because Billy can drive me around, and I can go other places to sit on my butt. A change of scenery is always helpful.

On Saturday, a potential buyer came by to see our condo at noon. Billy was supposed to go house hunting (AGAIN!) with our agent at 11 so he took Winnie and me to Vivian's house to hang out for the afternoon.

When we first got to Vivian's, her cat, KC, flipped out at the sight of Winnie. He was hissing and tried to attack. Vivian asked Paul to throw the cat outside, but Paul said that KC would claw his eyes out if he tried to pick him up right then. So, Paul calmed him down and then threw him out the front door. Right after he threw him out, there was a knock at the door. It was our agent, Alyson, coming to pick up Billy for the house hunt. I asked if Paul had thrown the cat on her, and she said she had just seen the cat fly by as she walked up.

Winnie and I spent most of the rest of the afternoon hanging out on the porch. Winnie would run up and down the stairs to go out to the yard. She loved playing in the backyard with Rose and Paul. Paul would push Rose on the swing, and Winnie would run after the swing and try to jump up and stop Rose from swinging. She got knocked in the head a couple of times, but it didn't even faze her. She's such a big dope.

At one point, Vivian went inside to have some lunch. Winnie followed her in because she always has to see what everyone is doing. A few minutes later, Winnie walked back out on the porch, where Paul and I were still sitting, and she just plopped down on the floor looking innocent. Then, Vivian appeared in the doorway with an empty pie tin, and she asked us if we knew where her apple pie had gone. Paul and I both looked at Winnie. The eating machine had struck again! Whoops! Vivian said it was a good thing that Winnie was so darn cute or else she might have beat her because she was really looking forward to a slice of apple pie.

Billy came by and picked me up after he finished looking at houses. He found 3 that he liked, which is miraculous. Typically, he sees a bunch of houses and maybe has 1 that he thinks is okay. We went back to those 3 on Sunday, and we settled on one we both agreed on for an offer. We called our agent to let her know we were ready to proceed with the offer, and she said she would draw up the papers. We decided to leave in an offer that we have on a pre-foreclosure house. We can always get out of it later. Then, our agent called later that night to say that the agent from the first house we ever liked contacted her to see if we were still interested. This is ridiculous!

Now we are waiting to hear if the sellers for that first house are willing to take our last offer. If they are, we will proceed with that house because we have always loved it. If they don't want to play ball, we will go ahead with the latest house. Hopefully, one way or another, we'll end up with a house for these babies. They are going to be here before we know it.

I have an appointment with my perinatologist tomorrow afternoon. I'll give an update after that.

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