Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Executive Vice President in Charge of Food Operations

I know that once these babies arrive, people will be wanting to know what they can do to help us. We figured that people always like to bring food to new parents so they don't have to cook. We have already had a ton of family and friends volunteer to do this for us so we decided we would make the process more organized. That's where my Executive Vice President in Charge of Food Operations comes into the picture.

After an extensive application and interview process, my friend, Becky, has been hired in this position. Seriously, she graciously volunteered to do this for us, and I could not be more thankful for her services!

Here's how the process will work:
1. Do you want to bring us food after the babies arrive? (Of course you do!)
2. E-mail Becky (beckyconners@hotmail.com) in the next couple of weeks so that she can begin to set up a schedule. Send her your name, contact info, and when you would like to make your delivery. If you need to talk to her, here is her number:678.570.5861.
3. Once you e-mail Becky, she will send you some food suggestions based on my and Billy's likes, dislikes, etc. Believe me, our eating habits are a little weird.
4. As she works on the schedule, she will let you know when your meal will be needed.
5. Once she assigns you a date, you should let her know what you plan to bring so that can make sure that aren't getting 5 chicken casseroles in the same week.

Thank you in advanced to Becky and to everyone who signs up to help with meal prep and delivery! We really appreciate all of your love and support.

I know that people will also want to help by doing stuff for us with the babies (feeding, burping, changing diapers, holding, etc.). That's the fun stuff...except changing dirty diapers. We will also be setting up a schedule for that. However, we are going to wait a little while on that one because we don't know how early they will arrive and if their little immune systems will be compromised. If they are too premature, we may need to limit visitors at first. After we get the green light from the doctor, though, we will definitely be recruiting babysitters. I will also have an Executive Vice President in Charge of Babysitting Operations. My staff is growing quickly.

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