Thursday, January 22, 2009


The babies were all baptized last Sunday. It was such a crazy week trying to get ready for the Christening and the after-party. Anyway, they did great, and they are now good with God. We kind of felt sorry for the 2 other families that were there to get their kids baptized the same day.

First of all, my Cuban family pretty much took the place over. The other families had maybe the Godparents and grandparents there. For us, it was aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc. That place was crawling with crazy Cubans.

Second, we have triplets, and they always get more attention than singletons. The priest made a huge deal out of it, and kept talking about what an "honor" it was to be baptizing triplets. He took pictures with us after the ceremony and just brushed by the other families.

Speaking of pictures, some of the people who were there for other baptisms were taking pictures of OUR babies! I guess they were going to tell everyone about the triplets that were being baptized at the same time as the baby in their family. We continue to be a freak show.

Here are some pictures of the big day (Thanks to our photographer-Shawnna).....
Here we are with the newest member of the triplet fan club-the priest.
All of the proud grandparents with us and the babies.
Here are the babies with their Godparents. It was really hard to come up with Godparents for them all. We decided each baby would have one representative from my side of the family and one from Billy's. He already knew he wanted Teri to be Abby's Godmother because her middle name is Eileen, which is their mom's name. She passed away when they were younger, and Mems stepped into the picture a few years later and raised them. I knew I wanted Liane to be Marie's Godmother because Liane is Marie's middle name. From there, we had to start coming up with options. Since I wanted all of my sister's families represented, and I only had 1 more spot for a female, I asked Alice to be Will's Godmother and Paul to be Abby's Godfather. Billy asked his friend Joe to be Will's Godfather, and longtime family friend, Gary, to be Marie's Godfather. It all worked out perfectly.
It used to be that whoever you choose as Godparents would be responsible for raising your child if anything were to happen to you. This is not the case in our situation, since we would want the kids to stay together. Alice and Kibby will takeover for us, if the need arises. When I told Alice this, she told me to watch my back. She's already plotting to kill us for these babies!

I thought this picture was funny because when Billy and I looked at it, he commented on how sweet and cute Rose looks, but that Carley looks like she is planning something evil to do in her head. She just has that look on her face. That bow in her hair was too cute! She wants to do everything like Rose, or "Rosesh," as she calls her.

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