Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Jan Pics

Here are the 2 spiky haired people in my life. It's hilarious how much they look alike in this picture. They are both making the same face and have the same haircut. Marie's hair is coming in like crazy. It's starting to get weighed down now so she may not be "spike" for much longer.

Marmie got Marie some new sneakers for all the running around she's doing. Here she is showing them off.
They are now starting to get the hang of their excersaucers. Abby likes being in one the best because she grabs hold of the toys around it and chews on them frantically. She still has no teeth. Marie and Will are holding steady with 2 each.

Will got a sweet new riding cap from Marmie. She got him all dressed up and took him out to the Marriott Marquis for a fancy dinner with friends. Will charmed everyone. What you can't see in this picture is that he also has on a pair of navy blue high top sneakers...yes, Chuck Taylors. They are awesome. I also have a pair of pink ones for the girls.

Here is Miss Marie in a new outfit that Pat Clarke gave her for Christmas. Thanks, Pat! Look at those blue eyes!

Yes, it's actually cold in Georgia some days. Here is Abby in her Eskimo suit on a cold day. She had to go to physical therapy this particular chilly day, and Michele got her all nicely bundled up.
Here is Will doing his best "Frankenstein" imitation. He does this stiff arms thing all the time, and then he shrieks at the top of his lungs. I don't get it, but it's hilarious. Abby is constantly rolling around on the floor. She's looking at Will likes he's crazy in this picture.

Who are you? No, who are YOU? They are starting to notice each other more and more. Sometimes, though, they abuse eachother-scratching, hair pulling, biting, etc. It's just a sign of what's to come.

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