Friday, January 2, 2009

More December Pics

Abby and Marie were NOT fond of green beans. Their little faces are saying, "How could you do this to me?" We've tried them a couple of times since, and we still are not getting a good reaction. Perhaps we'll try squash next and go back to the green beans later. Will seemed to be okay with about the first 3 bites of the green beans. Then, he realized they were gross and shut his mouth tight.

When Abby can't chomp on someone's hand, she now turns to her own feet. She is so flexible!

This is another one of their Christmas outfits/pajamas. My dad and Maureen gave them each a pair of these. They are adorable with the little hats!

Here are the quads! That's Chloe on the far right. She's a chunk! Billy likes to refer to her as Lex Luther.

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Jamie said...

Marissa liked sweet potatoes, peas, squash...but was never a fan of green beans. Maybe try one of those.