Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb Pics

It was a cold day so Abby was wearing her little knit hat. This picture was taken with her in the car seat. She has those pink "wings" to keep her head from tilting to the side she favors. Her physical therapy and exercises are working wonders, and she's getting much better!

Here's Will sitting at the triplet feeding table. We say he looks like a pissed off executive in the Board Room. He's slapping his hand against the table saying, "These quarterly reports look terrible! I hope we get some bailout money!"
Will has his 2 bottom teeth, and 2 are busting out of the top. He's going to look hilarious with those little top rabbit teeth.

Marie's cheeks just keeping fatter. She's got her two little bottom teeth still, and I think there's something happening on the top too. Her gums are pretty swollen.

Abby and Marie are just hanging out in their feeding table. They had some play time in there, but they aren't quite ready to eat in there still. They lean too far forward. Once they are able to sit up better, the table will work perfectly.

This picture was taken in Papa's yard. Will makes the funniest faces sometimes.

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