Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Poop in my purse

This stomach virus that has spread through our household has me half crazy. I was already partially nuts before this, and now, I've totally lost it. I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I don't know if it's from even more lack of sleep, or the diarrhea fumes that have taken over our home, or the vomit that is all over the place.

Abby started with the diarrhea last Tuesday, and it was BAD. She progressed to vomiting on Thursday, and she literally barfed a river of baby food and breastmilk. It was all over her clothes and the chair in which she was sitting. I peeled all her clothes off and threw them on the floor as I tried to get her cleaned up. At that point, Winnie entered the room and took away her puke-covered shirt. She was gone for a while licking off every morsel and returned for the the pants. When she returned, she cleaned up the chair for me. Who needs a washing machine?

I had to take her to doctor on Thursday and Friday for the usual "look at her." We were instructed to do Pedialyte, small frequent feedings, etc. I think I'm basically a nurse now. It's always the same crap. Friday, they were a little more concerned because her poop became mucousy. That's some pleasant stuff. We were instructed to collect a stool sample over the weekend and bring it back to them on Monday.

In addition, we had to set up an appointment with a radiologist for an abdominal x-ray. The doctor was worried because she keeps having alternating periods of constipation and diarrhea. She also seems to have a lot of gas and abdominal pain. I took her to Children's today and got this knocked out. We should have the results in 24-48 hours.

We also have to take her to a cardiologist because her hands and feet are literally purple all the time and freezing. The doctor is concerned that there might be a circulation issue. That appointment is tomorrow.

Okay, so back to the stool sample. On Saturday in the early morning, Abby blew out her diaper twice. The first time, I changed her and ended up with poop all over my hands, under my nails, etc. It was so gross. I didn't get a sample then because it was too runny and ended up within the netting of the diaper, and I was not about to go cutting it open to scoop out poop bits.

The second time around, Billy had the pleasure of being the diaper changer, and I thought he was going to die. He said it smelled like something died inside of her and then she crapped it out covered in poop. Billy had to pull his shirt over his mouth and nose to change the diaper, and he shoved a dryer sheet in his shirt to just smell that, instead of Abby's rotten butt.

I then had to collect the samples from there. It was actually 4 samples. The first three had these little plastic "scrakes" (cross between a scoop and a rake-I invented that word, I think). I had to get the poopy out of the diaper with the scrakes and place it in a preservative fluid. With the 4th sample, I had to scoop out the poop with a popsicle stick and then break off the stick in the little plastic container. That one had to go in our fridge. That really stimulates your appetite.

On Monday morning, I pulled out the bag with the preservative filled containers and asked Billy to drop them off at the doctor's office. I then went off to work. Billy called later that day to ask where the poop was, and I figured it was around the table where I thought I left it for him in the morning. However, he later told me he found it in my purse that was by the table. Can you believe I did that? I threw poop samples in my purse!

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