Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here they all are on their favorite blanket on the floor. They don't stay on it very long, but we were able to get a few pictures. Abby rolls right off, and we find her across the room if we leave. Will and Marie scoot and wiggle around, although Marie just rolled over for the first time on Tuesday. Go Marie! Now Will needs to catch up to the girls, or they are just going to roll all over him. Speaking of Will, he looks so serious in these pictures. Some people have said that he looks like the baby in the e-trade commercials. I guess he has tv star potential!
Marie is in her aquarium swing reaching for one of the little fishies that hangs down. They grab at everything now, and yank the hell out stuff...including mom's hair, earrings, etc. Billy especially hates it when they grab his chest hair. They also get sharp little edges to their nails sometimes and claw him. They are beating up poor mommy and daddy.

Abby loves to stand up in the exersaucer. She turns around, goes back and forth, tries to eat the hanging stuff, etc. Look at Will watching her from the swing. He's thinking, "Why does she get to play with good stuff?"

Here is Will playing with his "My first laptop." This was a Christmas gift from Alice. He's doing great on tummy time. He holds his head up really well. They all do-big developmental milestone!

Billy and I have discussed this several times, and I just wanted to put it out there. Does everyone think their own baby is cute? We, of course, think our children are pretty much the cutest things ever, but is it just because we are their parents, or are they just extraordinarily cute?
I confessed to Billy that when they were born and had that creepy newborn look, I didn't think they were all that cute. I mean, I loved them and all, but I just thought they looked like tiny, wrinkly, old people. After they filled out, though, I did started thinking they were ridiculously cute. Now, they get cuter and cuter everyday to me.


Teri Z said...

Your babes are the cutest EVER! Hands down!

megs1376 said...

of course they are cute, they are related to me, LOL!!!!!

Katie M. said...

They are so adorable! I just can't believe how big they're getting! I need to get over there soon to visit before they start driving...I promise we'll come visit soon!