Monday, August 24, 2009

Nature's Cruel Joke

Wouldn't it just be my luck that after having an irregular period, no ovulation, infertility, etc. for 3 years, it just takes having triplets to normalize my body's menstrual cycle? Yes, that's right, I'm now Miss Normal period with a 30 day cycle. How could this be?

Now this has me thinking that maybe we should just try for one baby. A little guy or girl that is actually conceived the old fashioned way and grows all alone in my uterus. Wouldn't that be something? If you are reading this and think I'm serious, you don't know me well. I don't really want another baby! I'm thrilled with what I have. These babies make me incredibly happy and exhausted. I wouldn't push the limits.

Besides, my husband just had his ball sack cut to avoid this whole situation. What if I now turned to him and said I changed my mind. He would kill me.

Here are some shots of my perfect little family:

Marie shoving baby cheetos in her mouth with her feet propped up on her little table. This kid is a class act.

Will hiding in his favorite corner with his devil eyes. Maybe I should do some red eye reduction. Who has time for all that crazy photo-shop business?

Will looking through the rails going up the stairs at Marmie's. Yes, that's right, they climb stairs. I didn't think they could climb stairs, but off they went, and very quickly might I add. Scary!

Abby's little smiling faces kills me. Look at those silly little teeth. She is insanely adorable!

A couple of weeks ago, they all got into this hat thing. They wanted to wear hats. They had3 or 4 of them out, and they would trade them and pose with them on their heads. Will looked particularly fetching in the one that Marie is wearing here when it was his turn. Billy is not thrilled about the cross-dressing I do to that poor boy some days. I have to keep assuring him that a few little girly outfits, hair bows, etc. will not turn him gay.
They remove the plastic lidsoff their clothing bins, sit on them, and wait for a sucker to come along and push them around. Their combined weight is pretty heavy. I can't push for long, and they get mad at me when I give up.

Nobody keeps a bib on during meal times. I end up doing multiple wardrobe changes every day. Here is Abby removing her bib and putting it on her head.
We went to a friend's birthday party at Monkey Joe's, and the kids loved it. Here's Abby doing her famous finger point inside one of the jumpy things. She points at everything and says, "Dat." Well, she does have one word she knows well. She points at Winnie and says, "DOG" very clearly.
Here's the trio sitting in the middle of one of the jumpy things trying to figure out what is going on. Once they realized it was so bouncy, they crawled around like crazy and had a blast.
They are very into examining the mechanics of everything. They want to know how everything works. They look very closely at the gate, including the latch where we open and close it, their toys, basically anything and everything. Once they do figure out how it all works, we'll be in big trouble.

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kmehawkeye said...

these pics are great! getting so all the funny faces. miss you guys!