Thursday, August 13, 2009


Tomorrow is Billy's big "procedure." We are anxiously anticipating what the day will hold for him. After the surgery, he'll need to get on his jock strap and chill. We are calling it his know, a vacation for his balls. I am currently dying laughing. Why do nuts have to be so funny?

My friend, Amanda, invited us over for a cookout on Saturday, and I just wasn't sure how to respond to her. Would it interfere with Nardcation 2009? I decided to put it gingerly and say something along the lines of, "I can't commit because Billy is having his nard tubes cut and burned on Friday, and I'm not sure if his balls will be up to cooking out on Saturday."

I then e-mailed Billy and asked him what he thought we should tell her. His response was something like, "Huh. Can we say TBD (nsan)? nsan=not sure about nards." Scary how our freaky little minds work the same way!

I have new pictures of the babies and fun updates (We have a walker!), but I just don't feel right about putting that in the same post with a bunch of talk about gonads. I'll get them up tomorrow.

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