Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Titi's Bday Dinner

On Saturday night, we went out to dinner at Carrabba's to celebrate Aunt Teri's b-day. Tia is aunt is Spanish, and so I call Teri "Tia Teri" to the kids, which they say, "Titi." Now, she's Titi.

So, you may be wondering what the deal is with Marie's shoes, right? Well, she absolutely insisted on wearing these shoes, which are Will's, and she just wouldn't settle for anything else. Therefore, I gave up, and she just wore these shoes with this dress. It's quite a fashion statement don't you think?
Will was completely jacked up at dinner. I have no idea why he was so insane. Every time the waiter came by our table, he would pick up the fork, mumble a bunch of incomprehensible words/phrases, and wave the fork around like he was going to stab him. What did that guy every do to Will? Will screamed, yelled, said every word he knows how to say, and ran around the entire dinner. There was just no containing him. Billy had to take him out of the restaurant 3 times!
Abby wasn't much better. Here she is standing on her high chair and dancing. She prefers only to dance when on an elevated surface. After a diaper change on her changing table, she stands and dances. She'll climb up onto the dining room table to dance sometimes. I'm hoping she's training to be a ballerina, not a stripper. I don't know...she does really like to take her clothes off.

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